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House Building Finance Company – HBFC

For more than 7
decades, HBFC has
realized the dream
of home ownership
for many families

1952: The Birth Of Pakistan's First Housing Finance Institution

HBFC was founded on a simple yet profound idea – to be a national institution serving the financial needs of the people of Pakistan, helping them realize their dream of homeownership. In 1952, HBFC opened its doors, providing home financing that empowered families to construct or purchase their homes.

For over 70 years, we have been steadfastly supporting our customers. To date, we have served approximately 480,000 customers across the nation.

These experiences, accumulated over more than half a century, have fortified our institution. As the oldest specialized housing finance institution, HBFC’s identity is intertwined with the country’s history and heritage. Throughout the years, the institution has stood the test of time, making substantial economic contributions through housing finance. We have turned the dream of owning a home into a reality for countless families, leading to enhanced financial security, improved living standards, and greater social inclusion
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